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How to login to Tempus

Login page provides different options for user to login.

If you are enrolled to a course with LinkedIn videos, proceed to Portal Login.

Otherwise, you may use the Usual Login. This guide shows you how to do both.

Welcome to Tempus.

  1. Usual Login (Login)


  1. Go to your registered email and look for the message from Tempus Support.

Click Verify Now.


  1. Clicking Verify Now should direct you the Tempus page. Put on your password on Change password page. Then, click continue.

Take note of your username and password as you will use them when you log back in again.





NOTE: A confirmation message should be sent to your registered email address. This contains your username, access expiration, and other relevant details.


  1. You should be directed to Tempus home page (Tempus dashboard) and should see your course. Click the course on Start Course to begin taking your course.





  1. For succeeding log-ins, type your username and password. Then, click the Log In button.




NOTE: Some browsers allow to save username and password.

For details on this, follow this link:

For more information : I did not receive an email notification for my course access













  1. Portal Login


  1. For new users, follow steps 1 to 3 of Usual Login . To log back in, click Portal Login.


  1. You should be redirected to the portal SIGN IN page. Type in your username and password. Then, click SIGN IN button.

  1. You should be directed to the Tempus home page, with your active courses. Click on the course to start.


  1. Pages with LinkedIn videos are indicated. Proceed by clicking on the activity.








  1. LinkedIn Learning activity should be available on the page. Click watch preview to play the video.


  1. Navigation options of LinkedIn video are available.

Full screen icon: click this to view LinkedIn Learning in full screen.

LinkedIn Learning Menu: these are Overview, Contents, Transcripts, and Exercise Files.

These can be on the right-hand side or just below the video, depending on your browser screen size.

Scroll bar: use this to scroll on the contents of LinkedIn Learning menu