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How to navigate your course on Tempus


  1. Log in to tempus:


  1. This should bring you to the home page or tempus dashboard.
  1. Home button: remains accessible at the left-hand side . C licking brings you to the home page as seen below
  2. Courses: Hovering on the icon gives a list of course categories . H overing on course categories gives a list of available courses.
  3. Profile: clicking on user icon gives access to profile editing . T his allows to correct misspelled names, change email address, and other details.
  4. Inactive courses: gives a list of courses that user is enrolled to but has expired access.
  5. Active course: gives a list of courses that user is currently enrolled to.


  1. Click on any of the active courses to start or continue taking them.


  1. Once you are in the course, browse through the course activities using the navigation panel found on the left-hand side of the page. 
    1. Home button is available and will let you go back to the dashboard.
    2. Clickable activities of the course are next to the home column, below the course title.

Activities vary depending on the course you are taking. Click on any activity to go through it.

The previous and next buttons at the bottom of the tempus course page should also allow you to navigate through the activities.

  1. Log out button is on the upper right-hand side, upon clicking the user icon.





  1. Some activities include instructions on how to take the course or a certain activity. These are your guides.



  1. Some courses would require completion of other activities before you can access them .




For difficulties on course navigation or other concerns, you may check:


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